Gwyneth Paltrow loves her 40s

Gwyneth Paltrow "loves" the "incredible freedom" of being in her 40s and not worrying what people think of her.

The ‘Goop’ founder says there is an "incredible freedom" that comes with getting older and she no longer worries what other people think of her.

She said: "I am no longer in my 20s and 30s, I am 46 and I love being in my 40s. I think there is this incredible freedom that comes with a woman in her 40s and understanding that this is who I am and I’ve stopped worrying so much about what people think of me."

And Gwyneth feels content with both her personal life and her career.

Speaking to CNN’s Poppy Harlow at a SXSW panel, she added: "I have two incredible children who give me a full run for my money every day. I have this incredible company, I love my role and I love my team. I love the challenges that come with it. I wake up every day [and] my days are very challenging but I feel like I have a lot of agency and I feel so thrilled by all of the challenges and so excited."

Meanwhile, Gwyneth – who has Apple, 14, and Moses, 12, with her ex-husband Chris Martin – previously insisted she isn’t "quitting acting".

She said: "I’ve never said that I am quitting acting. What I say is Goop is my full-time passion, and being the founder and CEO of Goop is what I do all day every day, and occasionally when something is the right thing and it works out around my children and my Goop life, I’m able to participate. I think I’m just not focused on full-time acting right now."

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