Gordon Ramsay is tired of these three food trends

Michelin starred chef, Gordon Ramsay is pretty vocal about many things.

He’s almost like the Piers Morgan of the culinary world and his outspoken manner sometimes makes him unpopular.  But he doesn’t care.


With the passing of Anthony Bourdain last year, Gordon has more or less taken the baton and is the food industry’s new voice of reason. 

He has been very vocal about how he hates pineapple pizza, tells chefs on his many cooking shows that they are idiot sandwiches and he is not afraid to swear when he sees something terrible on a plate.
In an interview with PopSugar Food, he lamented the food world’s obession with food that should be respected.
Here are the three foods he feels we should stop being obsessed with:
Truffle Oil
“The worst thing, for me, is truffle oil. That thing needs to be let down. When [people] use it, they use the same f*cking top [as any other oil], so they pour it, and it comes out in abundance. This thing needs to be let out in tiny, tiny, little amounts.”


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“Because it’s a special cut. It needs to be treated with a little bit of respect. Everywhere you go now, there’s f*cking Wagyu meatballs. Preserve it a little bit. Rest it. Allow it to become special.”


“The latest one I had, I was in Saint Paul, and someone gave me a bone marrow foam. Now when I think about having bone marrow, I don’t think about it as a foam. You can have a bit of fun with desserts. Sometimes they look like toxic scum in a stagnant pool. It was not very good.”
GORDAN - Gordon Ramsay is tired of these three food trends

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