#GlobalRunningDay: Nutritional dos and don’ts

There are many dos and don’ts in the nutrition world especially with regards to running. 

In light of World Running Day today, experts say fuelling your body with the wrong food can have a negative impact on your running. 

Here are some of the nutritional dos and don’ts  from Professor Ross Tucker from Sports Scientist.

Don’t obsess over food

There is a combination of a running and obsessive diet that gets unhealthy and probably counter-productive. That’s not to say that you can just eat what you want, when you want to. You still have to show some discipline and healthy eating patterns.  

Eat whole foods 

Avoid processed foods. If you’re starting out on a running programme, you’re going to be adding quite a lot to what you “spend” per day, energy wise, so it is natural that your appetite may go up, that you’ll feel hungry more often, and possibly therefore eat more. Don’t use running as an excuse to eat junk food though.

Be aware of what you eat 

If you’re running for weight loss, be mindful of what you eat. Be aware of how much you’re eating, and what you’re eating in relation to your exercise. 

Don’t become a "micro-eater" 

Don’t obsess over everything you eat. For now, make sure your diet is healthy overall, and then just add training without changing too much on diet.
Run - #GlobalRunningDay: Nutritional dos and don’ts
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