’Get to know your TV news anchors’: Tumelo Mothotoane

eNCA news anchor, Tumelo Mothotoane who co- anchors “All Angles” enjoys telling African stories in their authentic form.

The TV journalist started with eNCA just over a year ago. Now she co-anchors the news show with the formidable Thulasizwe Simelane on weekdays at 11am.

“My passion for conversing with people from all types of societal backgrounds has organically landed me where I am today.

“It is a satisfying feeling to know that I am a source of information for people.

“It also comes with the great responsibility to ensure that the news being reported is fact-checked and unbiased so the viewer can find your work credible enough to consume,” said Mothotoane.

The former SABC News and Russia Today International News journalist said a huge amount of preparation goes into the making of the show.

From staying up to date with the latest news to constantly communicating with a team of producers before, during and after the show, Mothotoane has her work cut out.

“An adequate amount of research is conducted for all bulletins. I watch the news, read newspapers and a lot of official documents such as government gazettes, media statements and court papers.

I am also in constant communication with a dedicated team of producers who update me of any developments or last-minute changes,” she said.

Meanwhile, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, South Africans – now, more than ever are tuning in to news channels, however Mothotoane said while it is imperative to stay informed, it is equally important not to over consume news.

“It’s imperative to stay informed about the Covid-19 pandemic coverage – this helps with remaining conscious of the reality of the virus and most importantly keep ourselves and those around as safe as possible.

Equally important is to not over-consume news. To limit anxiety, set times for watching and/reading about the pandemic but also set time to occupy your mind with something else such as listening to music or reading a book,” she said.

As for the fame that comes with the job, she said: “I don’t deal with any fame because I don’t necessarily regard myself as famous.

I lead a fairly normal and private life.”

Her goal is to continue pouring her best in all that she does and grow wherever destiny places her.

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