Gauteng traffic police arrest speedster on N14 highway

 PORT ELIZABETH – The Gauteng traffic police high speed unit on Wednesday arrested a 31-year-old man for speeding on the N14 freeway, the Gauteng Department of Community Safety said in a statement. 

The man, driving a BMW 4 series, was stopped driving at an average speed of 157 km/h in a prescribed maximum limit of 100 km/h and formally charged at Wierdabrug police station for reckless driving with an alternative charge of exceeding the speed limit. 

He was later released on a bail of R1,000 after a brief appearance at the Pretoria Central Magistrate Court on Thursday.  

“Speeding remains one of the biggest risks to road safety in the province.  The department is concerned about the number of reckless and negligent driving incidents we continue to experience on our roads," the Gauteng community safety department said.

"Our reports show that majority of fatalities are due to negligent and reckless driving which include excessive speeding, texting and driving and dangerous overtaking especially in the face of oncoming traffic."

It called on law enforcement agencies to deal decisively with people who do not obey the rules of the road.

African News Agency (ANA)

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