Friends arrested over drug possession, bribe attempt

Johannesburg – The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Department (EMPD) Drug Enforcement Unit Members have arrested two foreign national friends for being in possession of drugs and attempting to bribe the Police Officials.

A 34-year-old Nigerian national was handcuffed by the EMPD officials for the position of three solid pieces of Khat valued at an estimated street value of R2500 following a body search in the Brakpan area.  
The arrest was effected on Sunday at around 12:30pm during a crime prevention operation, on Wenden street.

During the arrest, officers granted the suspect who was arrested first the permission to call one of his friends staying nearby. 

The police said not long after the call was made, a 34-year-old male arrived at the scene in possession of R3390 cash, claiming that the money was to be used as a plan to free his friend. The friend was then also handcuffed and both suspects were taken to the Brakpan police station.
Asked why the police officers allowed the suspect to make a call, EMPD spokesperson  Kobeli Mokheseng said: "The suspect was unarmed and was very cooperative with the police during the arrest". 

He further stated that another reason for allowing the suspect to make contact with his friend was that they were expecting that the friend would come with more drugs.

The two men, both documented, were detained for being in possession of and dealing in illicit substance, including bribery charges. The two suspects are expected to appear in the Brakpan Magistrate’s Court soon.
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