Free Vicki Momberg, say Black Monday Movement SA marchers

‘Free Vicki Momberg, we want her released with immediate effect, said Valerie Byliefeldt of the Black Monday Movement SA. 

Byliefeldt made this remark during the movement’s march in support of all the farmers and minority groups, where they called them to rise up against government and defend their freedom and land.

The march was organised by the National Black Monday Movement SA in partnership with Peace for Africans, Riders 911, #MustFall Party and the National Conservative Party. 

She said: "While Black First Land First leader Andile Mngxitama and EFF leader Julius Malema can stand on a public stage and call us names and nothing happened to them, why was Vicki Momberg sentenced to 2 years in prison for using the k-word.

“Shouldn’t there be fairness, I mean, she made a mistake, why are Malema and Mngxitama not in prison for making certain comments."

The small group began their march at the American Embassy and Australian Embassy carrying posters saying “Enough is enough, Stop hate speech and Genocide”. 

At the top of their list, they demanded that farm murders, land theft, oppression of white people and minority groups and inciters of hate speech and violence be stopped. 

They later went to the IEC Head Office in Centurion to hand over a memorandum demanding that the the IEC be apolitical for them to say it the elections are free and fair. 

Their list of demands focused on the the corruption of political parties and its candidates.

Byliefeldt said: “The IEC needs to step their act up to make sure the trust between our people and them is solidified by screening each and every candidate, to see if they have criminal records to disqualify them to stop them from partaking in any upcoming elections.

"We are already sitting with a government full of corrupt people who take decisions on behalf of the people.”

The marchers said they would not remain silent on their issues, and would not tolerate the abuse on their people by abusers and inciters like the EFF and BLF. 

She said the number of people participating in the Pretoria march was not the goal but the goal was to bring media attention towards their demands and issues. 

“We will fight back we will be ready,” Byliefeldt insisted. 

If all fails, Byliefeldt said she would request a one on one with both Malema and Mngxitama on a morning show to discuss these issues. 

GR PN Black Monday 2 - Free Vicki Momberg, say Black Monday Movement SA marchers

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