Frank Orji releases thought-provoking book ‘No One is Coming For You’

Award-winning film-maker Frank Orji has released a thought-provoking book titled “No One Is Coming For You,” which aims to challenge the readers “to step out of their dogmatised mental cocoons” and embrace real freedom.

The Nigerian born author, music producer, a sought-after inspirational speaker has spent most of his adult life in South Africa, exploring and sharing his talent in the creative industry.

On the choice of title for the book, Orji explained: “No One Is Coming For You is a message I want people to get even before they read the book.

“As harsh or sad as it sounds, it is what I call self-inspiring mantra that will energise you to wake up and move yourself forward.”

He added: “It’s me telling my truth from my perspective. It’s me calling a spade a spade and not a gardening tool.”

Orji says he brought his story-telling skills and life experiences to the book so that the reader won’t “feel bombarded with theories and teachings.”

He added that he hopes to see people across the continent enlightened through this book.

“Africans need to wake up and take control of their future and destiny. I’m hoping that it (the book) will start a much-needed conversation about too much emphasis placed on miracles in the place of principles.”

When quizzed about the most enjoyable part about bringing this book to life, he said: “I enjoyed the learning process as it is my first book. I enjoyed working with great people and experts in their field.

“It was also nice reliving some of the stories I told in the book and above all the impact that it has on everyone that has read it.”

On how the global coronavirus has changed his view on life, Orji said: “Covid-19 has changed everything.

“It has forced me to re-evaluate my priorities, appreciate life more, appreciate my family, create new ways of doing business.

“It has inspired me to create innovative ways to keep our film and acting school (AACA) performing and delivering quality education and training.”

Orji is the founder of AACA (African Academy of Cinematic Arts), a creative arts and media institution based Joburg, which he co-founded with “Muvhango” actress Maumela Mahuwa.

Elaborating on his collaboration with Mahuwa, who plays Suzan on the popular SABC2 soap, Orji said: “Working with Maumela Mahuwa has been amazing. She brings so much wealth of experience into the academy as a veteran in the media space.

“Together, we pride ourselves in hands-on training that empowers our students to do well in the industry.”

The star has also founded a scholarship program that helps young people from disadvantage background to jump start their journey in the creative industry.

“Every year we award up to four candidates and it’s been inspiring to see them grow in the craft of storytelling through film making and acting,” said Orji.

“No One Is Coming For You” is available on all major digital platforms in audio, ebook and paperback.

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