Fix Scholarship is calling on female tech-enabled social innovators

DURBAN – The Fix Scholarship, in partnership with Software AG South Africa, have launched the Software AG Social Innovation Startup Programme.

The programme is an initiative aimed at providing assistance to tech-enabled startups to solve their biggest social challenges, including providing networks, best practices and capital to scale in the industry.

Speaking on the partnership, Fix Moeti, Chief Executive and Founder of the Fix Scholarship said, "With technology advancing globally and the visible rise of tech social enterprises in South Africa, the partnership between Software AG and the Fix Scholarship is an important partnership in providing social innovators with the skills to not only exist but thrive in a rapidly changing digital space". 

"The Fix Scholarship has always remained true to its belief in female entrepreneurship, leadership and social impact through education, and I believe that the partnership with Software AG South Africa will truly be beneficial to our entrepreneurs," added Moeti.

The Software AG Social Innovation Startup Programme calls all-female social innovators – that have an enterprise or idea with a social purpose to drive positive change – to apply for the scholarship. Candidates should be females leading social innovators and problem solvers who understand that income accompanies impact. 

Kholiwe Makhohliso, VP & Country Manager for Software AG South Africa, said that Software AG is always mindful of the positive impact it can have on the future. “This is why we work ceaselessly to be independent, inclusive and inventive. 

"We are grateful to have partnered with the Fix Scholarship as it allows us to pay particular attention to women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM). It is our duty to encourage women to be tech-enabled social innovators and provide them with opportunities that will empower them economically. The programme will ensure that we reduce the shortage of scarce and critical skills  and move women from low-skilled jobs to more formal positions that will, in turn, help develop the country," said Makholiso. 

The Fix Scholarship is a non-profit organisation that offers female social entrepreneurs, who pursue entrepreneurial solutions for urgent social development challenges, the opportunity to complete the Gordon Institute of Business Schools’ (GIBS) Social Entrepreneurship course. The course is aimed at assisting them to make an impactful social and economic change within their communities as well as an opportunity to be awarded capital to maintain or start-up their business.  

Makhohliso said that Software AG is fair and flexible to work with and committed to sustainable progress in making a world of living connections. "By providing the fluid flow of data, we give a business the power to instantly see, decide and act".

"We invest heavily in aspects of socio-economic development, skills development, supplier and enterprise development. This programme is one of many initiatives we are involved in to support IT start-ups," said Makholiso. 

Applications are now open and will close on the 31 March 2020. 


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