Five trends for a stylish winter garden

From Mediterranean tiling to sophisticated hideaways, the winter months are dreary but your garden doesn’t have to be.  

With the fresh bite in the air getting chillier and chillier by the day, winter garden trends highlight warmth and comfort and focus on bringing indoor comforts to the outdoors.

Here are five garden trends to keep your outdoor area looking cosy and stylish this winter:


It’s officially winter. Days are getting cooler and the urge to spend time outdoors is plummeting with every degree the temperature drops. From lanterns to string lights, lighting adds warmth and cosiness to the outdoor atmosphere of gardens. So whether you’re braaing, wining and dining or partying, you’ll want to spend more time there whatever the weather.


Take your hostessing skills to the garden and wow visitors with an outdoor firepit. Bringing the indoors outside, firepits not only add ambient lighting to your outdoor space but heat as well, making your garden the ideal place to entertain even when there’s a chill in the air.

Grown-up hideaways

In winter, the number one activity on our to-do list is to curl up with a good book and these sophisticated hideaways are the ideal spot to do just that. Who says forts, tree houses and secret dens are only for kids? In 2019, hideaways combine indoor comforts with the fun and beauty of the nature. Just imagine wendy houses with a dash of sophistication. Some choose to make their hideaway almost as polished as a real house would be (just on a much smaller scale) while others go for a more rustic look that reflects the look and feel of outdoor scenery.

Tiled patios

Dull days do not have to mean dull decor. Tiles are replacing stone, dreary brick and cement paving to add a Mediterranean flair to patios. The intricate designs and patterns bring life to otherwise boring spaces making them the focal point of your decor. Pair them with wicker outdoor furniture and a few terracotta pots and leafy plants and you’re practically on a Moroccan holiday.

Enclosed balconies and patios

Sunrooms are essentially enclosed patios that make for the perfect addition to your home and garden. They’re an extension of the living space, but with the feel of being in nature. In colder months, you can stay cosy indoors and enjoy the splattering of rain and wind whilst sipping on a hot mug of cocoa.

lights - Five trends for a stylish winter garden
DSC6947 - Five trends for a stylish winter garden
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