Firefighters extinguish blaze that ripped through flats at Grey Street Mosque

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Durban – A massive fire that tore through a residential block of flats located near the historic Grey Street Mosque -Jumu‘ah Masjid – has been extinguished by firefighters.

The fire broke out in the buildings adjacent to the mosque shortly before midday.

And while there were initial fears that the 139-year-old had also caught alight, emergency workers at the scene said reports indicated that it was left unscathed and only the flats were affected by the blaze.

It was unclear how many people lived in the flats.

However, it is believed that all the tenants mananged to evacuate and were said to be standing near the mosque “with just the clothes on their back”.

The fire is believed to have started on the rooftop and spread to the buildings below.

“The fire has been extinguished and the Fire Department is doing the final sweep of the building,” KZN Emergency Medical Services spokesman, Robert McKenzie said.

“No patients(were injured) fortunately. There is structural damage to three neighbouring buildings,” he said.

Firefighters and other emergency workers had battled for more than two hours to contain the blaze that sent huge black plumes of smoke skyward.

As the emergency services battled, hundreds of people watched along Dr Yusuf Dadoo and the adjacent streets.

“Reports at the scene is that firefighters are searching the structure for any possible victims. There are no reports of casualties or fatalities at this stage. Paramedics are still standing by at the scene,” Mckenzie said.

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