Fire On Signal Hill Contained

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A fire that engulfed Signal Hill has been contained for now.

It erupted on Sunday afternoon. The cause is unclear. Fire crews are mopping up while two helicopters attack hot spots.

Table Mountain National Park’s Phillip Prins says that there is still one active fire line that they’re tackling.

“That’s the line from the gravel track on Lion’s Head, that’s burning in the direction of Kloof Road – that is still actively burning and for that reason, we’ve dispatched the two helicopters from the Newlands firebase. They’re still working on that line right now.

Emergency officials remain on alert monitoring fire hot spots on Signal Hill and surrounds.

The blaze broke out on Sunday afternoon and came dangerously close to residential areas.

Throughout the night and early morning, dozens of firefighters have been hard at work battling the flames.

Helicopters are joining the fight, taking advantage of lighter winds. They’ll waterbomb hot spots.

No evacuations have been called for now and no properties or lives are in danger.

The fires raged from 4pm in the afternoon yesterday.

Some concerned Sea Point residents came out of their homes at midnight and the early hours of Monday morning with hosepipes, trying to prevent the fire from spreading to their properties.

Standing outside his Sea Point home a few hundred meters from the fire, Hymie Zeidel says that he will not sleep until the fire is controlled and extinguished.

“There was a fire about 10 years ago, very similar [to this one] and the fire stopped right at the break and didn’t come over so I’m not really concerned but I’m not going to bed.”

Another resident, Benjamin Bonnell, says that he and a few other residents used wet towels to extinguish the fires near their homes.

“It was quite a big fire and people were getting involved to fight it.”

No injuries have been reported.


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