Find my baby’s body, mom begs hospital

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Cape Town – A mother who gave birth two weeks ago claims a hospital lost her newborn’s body.

Denise Adams, 34, went into early labour six months into her pregnancy and her daughter Denica was born on 16 October, but lived for a few minutes.

The heartbroken mom says when she went to the Stellenbosch Hospital, she felt a sharp abdominal pain.

“I was given painkillers and told to go home and come back on the Monday after I gave birth to get more treatment, but I gave birth while I was waiting for my husband.”

She says she left her baby for a few minutes to go to the bathroom but when she returned, the nurses told her the baby had passed on.

“They told me to go and call my husband so he could see the body,” adds the Klapmuts woman.

“I managed to take pictures of her as she lay still on the bed.”

The mom of five says she became angry when she couldn’t find the doctor to explain what went wrong with Denica.

“My baby was alive, she was breathing and I saw her arm move.

“The doctor wasn’t around to explain what happened to my baby, why she died.

“While I was sitting in the corridor, my baby’s body was removed.”

Denise says her baby’s body has been missing for two weeks.

“Last week Monday I asked for the corpse because I want to have a proper burial.

“The doctor told me he doesn’t know where the body is. I want my daughter’s remains.”

Western Cape Government Health Cape Winelands communication officer Sandra Maritz says: “The patient presented to Stellenbosch Hospital on 16 October 2020 with pregnancy complications and unfortunately suffered a mid-trimester miscarriage.

“The attending senior clinician spoke to the patient immediately after the miscarriage and had another engagement with her on Monday, 19 October 2020.”

Asked where the baby’s body was, Maritz would only say that Denise should speak to the hospital management for assistance.

An angry Denise says: “I just want my baby’s body and I am disgusted that no one wants to give me a straight answer.”

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b53b20bb d5da 5678 ba7d 78d73f953562 - Find my baby’s body, mom begs hospital

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