‘Europe from Above’ to showcase an aerial view of the continent

A new six-part series coming in November boasts spectacular aerial footage of Europe’s most vibrant countries, cultures and extraordinary landmarks. 

Starting November 13 at 9pm on National Geographic (DStv 181), "Europe from Above" is an impressive aerial tour across continent, granting spectacular views, unique insights and a brand-new perspective on some of Europe’s finest cultural and geographic landmarks.

Filmed over the course of a single year, the show explores, in stunning visual detail, the culture, history, innovation and engineering feats which have helped shape this epic continent and the people who call Europe home. The stunning cinematography allows viewers to witness the change of seasons in seconds, as tulip fields in the Netherlands magically burst into colour and cascading waterfalls at Italy’s Dolomites solidify into ice.

“Through awe-inspiring photography and in eye-opening detail you’d expect from National Geographic, "Europe From Above" showcases the incredible transformation of Europe across a single year, from the bright, vibrant life of summer, to the intense cold covering of winter and all that’s in between. Taking viewers on a stunning visual journey in a way only we can, we hope everyone will be captivated by this new series and join us on a unique and wonderful journey through the region", said Matt Taylor, VP, Head of Programming, Factual, National Geographic UK, Europe and Africa.

With each episode focused on one distinct European country, this awe-inspiring visual journey highlights and celebrates both nature’s creations and the human stories and engineering which continue to shape these great modern nations today.

Across the episodes viewers will be able to soar over well-known sites such as Spain’s still unfinished Sagrada Familia where architects remain on-site round the clock, the beautiful, historic windmills and floating homes in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom’s Eden Project, to witness daredevil gardeners trying to trim the foliage whilst hanging from the project’s roof.

Other highlights include incredible views of a tropical resort situated inside a vast disused airship hangar in Germany, the largest castle in the world in Poland and a supercar school’s ice-track in Italy that’s guaranteed to set heart-rates skyrocketing.

Evert Van Der Veer, of The Walt Disney Company Africa said the show promises African audience an opportunity to experience the European continent right from their TV screens. 

“Whether you love taking in architecture, local customs or natural landscapes, this show is guaranteed to take you on an exhilarating journey",he said. 

* "Europe from Above" starts on November 13 at 9pm on National Geographic (DStv 181). 

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