Equality Court begins hearing into harmful remarks about Chinese community

Johannesburg – Chinese Association Gauteng (TCA) supporters flooded the public gallery of the South Gauteng High Court for a case on Carte Blanche and Karoo Donkey Sanctuary Facebook comments that individuals posted in January and February 2017.  

TCA supporters at the South Gauteng High Court (sitting as an Equality Court), included diverse members of the Chinese community in South Africa, Chinese business leaders and community elders.

The day’s proceedings focused on a number of procedural issues, including the terms on which confessions should be dealt with in an Equality Court matter. 

This relates to a number of the respondents who are seeking to cooperate, while others are opposing the remedies the TCA seeks. 

The organisation, on behalf of the Chinese community nationally, seeks an unconditional apology, an interdict preventing similar future speech, damages, community service, and that the 11 respondents attend an anger management course. 

TCA is eager for the inquiry to proceed so that the substantive issues can finally be aired – two years later.

TCA will lead evidence this week on the hurtful and harmful effects of the speech, on how it violates the dignity and equality of Chinese people, and on how such speech should be understood in light of the history of discrimination against the Chinese during colonialism and Apartheid and in the present.

The TCA, which was formed in 1903, seeks to promote and preserve Chinese culture, heritage, language and religion, but also promotes unity, harmony, goodwill, and embraces the interests of all fellow South African citizens.

The inquiry continues until 29 March 2019.

African News Agency (ANA)
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