Enhle Mbali talks Miss SA red carpet’s ‘ultimate look’

Television actress and businesswoman Enhle Mbali Maphumulo has been announced as the red-carpet fashion host at this year’s Miss South Africa. 

And as a fashionista in her own right, being the owner of a fashion line and also dressing global icon Beyoncé Knowles-Cater in collaboration with fashion duo Quiteria and George at the inaugural Global Citizen Festival in 2018, Maphumulo says she’s honoured to be part of this prestigious event.

The star shared her thoughts with IOL on what to expect on the red carpet. 

What is the most attractive thing for you in any red-carpet look?

Confidence. We all know our styles differ and our interpretation of it is vast, so confidence is for me the ultimate best look. 

Is there anything specific that you will be looking out for?

Fearlessness and all-round well put together look. From hair, nails, to the actual dress. 

What are you looking forward to on the night?

Miss SA herself!! I can’t wait to see who will represent us in the world. 

What is your opinion on Miss SA 2019 and the girl’s that are coming forward in their true authentic self?

The best pick thus far. They seem so fearless and the rebirth of the new age woman is painted beautifully on all of them. It’s gonna be tough to judge.

Many would say their relationship with Miss SA is cuddling on sofas and watching, rooting for their favourites. What is your relationship with this long standing pageant? 

As a little girl you look up to Miss SA as she is the ultimate woman to thrive to be. Not perfect but comfortable in herself. I love that. Also sitting on the couch and watching lol. 

The pageant being hosted on the Woman’s Day, what are your thoughts around this?

I really like that. Pageants, over the years, have been put under a negative light at times and this is the re-owning of its power. Genius. 

Walking the red carpet and working it are two different things. What ground work will you put in to make hosting the night exceptional? 

You will have to watch to see that right *wink*

What is your personal relationship with fashion? 

We’re BFF’s. True story. 

How would you describe your fashion sense? 

My fashion sense is simplistic, fearless, breaks boundaries sets trend with a whisper and is not aggressive. 

Kindly talk to me about womanhood, celebrating women in South Africa?

Celebrating it is a freedom we’re still fighting for. We all know I’m an advocate for women and their rights with my foundation ( Enhle Cares Foundation) and months like these are meant to reawaken women and instill confidence within women and our rights and struggles. Not only bringing awareness to our struggle but finding solutions. Miss SA is a part of that celebration. 

What are some of the women’s issues that are pertinent to you?

Equality, sexual abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse. I could go on and on but what  we need now are solutions and that’s what this month stands for, for me. The spotlight is on the issues and we need to work towards solving them.


Enhle3 - Enhle Mbali talks Miss SA red carpet's 'ultimate look'
111671382 - Enhle Mbali talks Miss SA red carpet's 'ultimate look'
TamarynDemi Leigh4 - Enhle Mbali talks Miss SA red carpet's 'ultimate look'

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