Employee linked to murder of KZN businessman who was stabbed 35 times

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Durban – ASHVEER Sukwa was killed by someone who worked for him. This is the angle police are investigating.

Sukwa, 35, who ran a fresh produce distribution business was stabbed 35 times at his home in Fairbreeze, Tongaat, on the Kwa-Zulu-Natal North Coast on Saturday morning.

His body was found wrapped in a sheet and blanket on the floor of his bedroom.

His father, Rajesh Sukwa, 67, was stabbed four times and locked in a cold room in a warehouse on their property.

The suspects ransacked the home, fleeing with cash and other items.

Swift work by members from Tongaat police station and a private security company led to the arrest of three suspects, one of whom is alleged to have worked for Sukwa for two years.

Colonel Thembeka Mbele, a provincial police spokesperson, said two suspects, aged 20 and 22, were arrested in Ndwedwe, 25km west of Tongaat, on Sunday night.

“An amount of R85 405 was recovered from one of the suspects. An Okapi knife with blood stains was also recovered. During the early hours of Monday, the third suspect, a 32-year-old, was arrested by the Tongaat Task Team in Upper Tongaat.”

Mbele said the suspects were taken to the Tongaat police station for processing and would appear in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court today (Wednesday).

The suspects face charges of murder, attempted murder and robbery.

Sukwa’s cousin, Vinesh Sookdhoo, said on Saturday morning Rajesh opened up for one of his employees who was expected to transport a load of bananas to the market.

“Ashveer was asleep in his bedroom. The worker was with a few other men who were not known to Rajesh. The worker told Rajesh that the regular workers were not available and that he had to bring in new workers.”

Sookdhoo said the suspects held Rajesh up and forced him into the warehouse.

“They stabbed him and assaulted him. Rajesh was then locked in a cold room that was inside the warehouse on their property. The suspects went into the home and proceeded to Ashveer’s bedroom. I believe they stabbed him about 35 times while he was still asleep. The suspects wrapped his body in a sheet and blanket and left it on the floor.”

Sookdhoo said the suspects stole cash from the safe and other items.

“Rajesh was covered in blood but he managed to free himself by opening the safety lock on the cold room. He contacted a family member for assistance. The family member called Reaction Unit South Africa for help.

“While waiting for security officers, Rajesh and his relative tried to find Ashveer they but could not locate him.”

Sookdhoo said Rajesh assumed that his son went in search of the suspects.

“When the security company arrived, they searched the home and found Ashveer’s body. The sheet and blanket was soaked in his blood. He died at the scene.”

Sookdhoo said Rajesh had lost a lot of blood and was taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment.

Sukwa’s funeral was held on Monday. He was cremated at the Tongaat Crematorium.

“Rajesh was informed on Saturday that Ashveer had died. He was discharged from the hospital for the funeral. He is in a stable condition.”

Raksha Sookdhoo, also a relative, described Sukwa as a humble soul.

“His father started the business some 20 years ago, supplying only bananas to markets and supermarkets. Ashveer began working with his dad while he was still in school. He would assist with deliveries to the local markets on weekends. When he matriculated from Tongaat Secondary School, he joined the business full-time.”

Raksha said as the years progressed, his dad focused only on supplying bananas and it was Ashveer’s idea to start distributing other fresh produce.

“He recently bought a second truck for the business. Ashveer was living life to the fullest. During the week, he worked hard and on weekends he took time out to spend with family and friends. He loved to travel and he had been to Hong Kong, India, Thailand and Brazil. He had plans to go to Spain and Europe in July but due to the coronavirus the trip was cancelled.”

Raksha said he bought a plot of land in Westbrook and was going to start putting the plans together to build a home.

“He supported religious organisations and we recently made a trip to the Goshala Cow Sanctuary in Pietermaritzburg. He had given a donation toward the organisation. Ashveer had a warm and loving character.”

She said he was not married and did not have any children.

“His mother, Aney, and sister Natasha, both passed on many years ago. It was just him and his dad. They shared a close bond and Ashveer was protective of his father. Rajesh is in pain, physically, mentally and emotionally. As a family, we are trying to support him as best we can.”

The family said they were grateful to the police for the swift arrests.

“Now it is up to the court to determine the punishment for this heinous and brutal crime. As a family, we are leaving the matter with the police and the court. We are praying for justice.”


fb358676 a399 5981 aa98 beabcf2699c5 - Employee linked to murder of KZN businessman who was stabbed 35 times

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