#Elections2019: Sisulu confident that ANC will triumph at polls

Cape Town – Minister of International Relations Lindiwe Sisulu believes the ANC can win the elections following the latest polls by Ipsos.

Sisulu, who was addressing students at the University of the Western Cape on Wednesday evening, with China’s ambassador said the government was doing all it can to clean up State-Owned Entities. 

She said the commissions of inquiry would get to the bottom of many issues plaguing government departments.

The minister said that South Africa has made tremendous strides in the last two decades, but the ANC could still do better in the elections. She said the latest polls has given the strongest indication yet that the ANC was poised to return to power. 

“The polls have indicated that we will get 60% and we can do better than that,” said Sisulu.

Sisulu also said South Africa has strong ties with China and the two countries will continue to strengthen their trade and diplomatic relations. 

China’s ambassador to South Africa, Lin Songtian, said relations between the two countries were strong. He said South Africa has good infrastructure and will continue to attract more foreign direct investments. 

He also said the country was the gateway to the rest of the continent.

China is one of South Africa’s leading trading partners and the investments by China are worth billions of rand.

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