#Elections2019: ‘Prodigal children’ return to the ANC

Kimberley – It is a case of no love lost after Cope and the EFF in the Northern Cape said that they were not perturbed by the loss of high-profile members, some of whom are prodigal sons and daughters of the ANC who returned to their former political home.

The ANC Frances Baard region on Wednesday welcomed Cope provincial chairperson Fred Wyngaard, Cope acting deputy secretary and proportional representative (PR) Rosie Ludick as well as EFF PR Sandra Doyle into its fold.

Cope national leader Terror Lekota had previously indicated that Ludick would be subjected to a disciplinary hearing after she sided with the ANC at a council meeting, where she had last year voted with the ANC to retain former Sol Plaatje executive mayor Mangaliso Matika, while opposition councillors had voted for him to be removed from office.

Wyngaard had served on various executive structures of the ANC and was an MEC for different portfolios while still an ANC member.

Ludick announced on social media on Wednesday that her new home was the ANC.

“I resigned from Cope on Wednesday with immediate effect. I rejoined the ANC voluntarily without any motive of material advantage and personal gains. I also resigned as a PR councillor,” said Ludick.

“I demonstrated my constitutional rights. I am happy with my decision. I hope that everyone will respect my decision and my right.”

Wyngaard could not be reached for comment.

Doyle said on Wednesday that she had not left the EFF out of anger.

“I resigned due to unresolved organisational issues. I am not cross with anyone. I joined the EFF in 2015 and was a former ANC member. I am merely returning to my old political home. Sometimes you learn from your mistakes,” she said.

Doyle added that she would be an ordinary ANC member and would not be occupying any high-ranking position in the organisation.

Cope national chairperson Pakes Dikgetsi stated that he had no plans to cross over to the ANC.

“They stopped trying to persuade me to rejoin the party in 2012 when I told them where to get off. The party (Cope) is not worried about the departure of Wyngaard and Ludick – the party is growing. We welcome their move to the ANC which has been long overdue, in fact it is a relief. It was evident that their hearts have not been with Cope for some time.”

Dikgetsi added that Cope members were expected to behave with integrity and to stand against corruption.

EFF provincial leader Aubrey Baartman was surprised by Doyle’s resignation.

“We wish her good luck with the ANC. We had no idea that she was unhappy and are not aware of any squabbles that arose while she was with us. We do not wish to bad-mouth her for wanting to support a corrupt party,” said Baartman on Wednesday.

“The ANC is showing how desperate they are by poaching members from opposition parties. Anyone who entertains the thought of going back to the ANC should have their minds read.”

Baartman believed that the EFF would secure a minimum of 15 percent of the votes in the Province in the upcoming national general elections.

Meanwhile, ANC Frances Baard regional secretary Webster Dichaba announced that another 100 new members from the DA, EFF and Cope, mainly from the Sol Plaatje sub-region, had joined their ranks.

“It is evident that our people are sick and tired of empty promises that are made by these opposition parties. People must rather focus on the ANC that delivers to its masses,” Dichaba said.

He stated that Wyngaard, Ludick and Doyle would be given the party membership and constitution and code of conduct.

“They will also be taken through processes of political education to properly welcome them to better understand the movement and continue to work for it in ensuring better lives for our people.”

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