Duchess of Sussex to interview journalist

The Duchess of Sussex will interview the CEO and co-founder of news website The 19th* at their virtual summit next week.

Duchess Meghan will be the final speaker at The 19th*’s virtual summit on 14 August, and will be interviewing the non-profit news organisation’s co-founder and CEO Emily Ramshaw about creating a working environment centred on gender equality.

Meghan said in a statement to Glamour: “The 19th*’s commitment to reporting and storytelling that lifts up those who are too often underrepresented in the media has never been more important.

“I’m looking forward to asking the co-founder what it means to build a media outlet with gender equity, diversity, and community at its core.”

Emily, who was previously editor-in-chief at The Texas Tribune explained the 39-year-old former actress – a fellow Northwestern University alumnus – had “reached out” and asked to be involved in the summit.

She said: “The duchess learned about The 19th* and its mission and reached out to us.

“She told us that our vision for The 19th* – building a truly diverse and representative newsroom that covers women with nuance – spoke to her immediately.”

Other big name speakers at the virtual event will include Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, Melinda Gates and Senator Kamala Harries.

Each day of the summit will focus on a different topic, with the discussion themes including ‘On Race and Gender’, ‘Electability’ and ‘The Future is Female’.

The 19th* launched last week and aims to be a “non-partisan newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy”.

Its website description reads: “We aim to empower women — particularly those underserved by and underrepresented in American media — with the information, community and tools they need to be equal participants in our democracy.”

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