Driver flees and abandons VW Polo with R2.5m drugs inside after seeing cops

Johannesburg – Ekurhuleni Metro Police who carried out a search on a vehicle whose driver had fled upon seeing patrolling officers, have reported they found drugs worth R2.5 million inside.

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department’s Kobeli Mokheseng said the incident happened in Kempton Park just before 9pm on Monday.

He said the EMPD’s North Task Team were patrolling on West street when they came across a suspicious idling silver VW Polo sedan, with a man behind the steering wheel.

However, he said, the man fled as soon as he saw the officers, abandoning his car.

“The driver alighted the sedan and disappeared through thin air.

“Upon close inspection of the VW Polo, officers uncovered 10 packets containing mandrax tablets, seven packs of crystal meth, four full moon rocks and a portable digital scale.

“The drugs were valued at R2.5m.”

Kobedi said police had first gone to the boot and found some of the drugs laying there exposed.

When they opened the driver’s door, he said, they noticed the door panel was loose. They removed it and found more drugs there.

The South African Police Services have since taken over the case to trace the driver.

Later that night, he said, officers arrested a 30-year-old man for clocking 226km/h on a 120km/h zone.

Mokheseng said the man was riding a blue Yamaha motorcycle on the N3, not far from the Rand Airport off ramp.

“He claimed that he was test driving the machine.

“He was handcuffed by speed enforcing officers monitoring the highway and charged with reckless and negligent driving and detained at Germiston police station,” he said.


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