DJ Shimza stands by his ‘R500 for cooler box’ comment

DJ Shimza ruffled feathers on social media this past weekend when he urged show organisers to adopt a “no cooler box” culture at events. 

In a Twitter post which the renowned club DJ has since deleted, Shimza said festival promoters were struggling to make profits from events while retailers who were not contributing to the event ended up cashing in big profits.

He wrote: “Dear festival promoters, let’s teach our people the culture of buying at our festivals, why spend all the money, put in all the effort for a TOPs to make money you could be using to better your festival? R100 a cooler that’s carrying R500 alcohol is not enough, go for the R500!!!.”

The statement didn’t sit well with many, as fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure at what they assumed was Shimza encouraging extortion of festival-goers, with some labelling him as arrogant.

Tweeps came out guns blazing, with fans threatening to boycott him.

To which Shimza replied: "You engage online with people and when you don’t agree with them they blame it on ego and arrogance, guys some of us tell it like it is sometimes we not here to cover the truth to nurse feelings."

In an attempt to put out the fire, Shimza posted a video, explaining that he wasn’t encouraging event organisers to “rip off consumers”, he was merely encouraging them to maximise their profit.

“A lot of you think I’m saying that you guys must be ripped off and stuff. I’m saying if I’m doing the festival why must our consumers go to TOPs and spend R500 and only give me R100, while TOPs is not contributing to the show.

 But tweeps were having none of it:

Meanwhile, the local entertainer seems to be making waves on the international stages.

Check out Shimza shutting it down in Barcelona and Paris over the weekend.

DJShimza - DJ Shimza stands by his 'R500 for cooler box' comment
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ShimzaandKNaomi - DJ Shimza stands by his 'R500 for cooler box' comment

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