DJ Citi Lyts dedicates song to his late brother ProKid

It’s been a tough few months for the Mkhize family, who are still trying to come to terms with the loss of their famous son, Linda Mkhize, famously known as ProKid.

The rapper died in August and has left a void in the Soweto household that he called home.

His brother and fellow musician Sandile Mkhize, popularly known as DJ Citi Lyts, was finding different ways to keep his brother’s name in the lights.

With three talents who interacted with Pro in some way, Mkhize has dedicated this year of music to his brother.

His first release this year, Cel’Ukuthi, is a light-hearted fun rendition on a serious topic.

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GIGI Lamayne lends her rap skills to the song

“I have featured people who were inspired by Linda and those are the protégés that I know of. The song is about having fun because we went through a tough 2018 and these are people who looked up to Pro.”

Mkhize said rapper Red Button was always under the wing of Pro, and Gigi Lamayne was one of the first female rappers who was discovered by the Wozobona hitmaker when she was just 16.

“Touchline, who is new in the industry, did a tribute to Winnie Mandela and then for Pro. That’s how I met him via social media.”

Mkhize added that the four planned to work on a song and eventually he put together the beat and called them to studio for a jam session.

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WHILE the family of ProKid are trying to see the bright side of life, they are still battling to come to terms with his tragic passing.

“The song is not too much in people’s faces it is a dedication to Pro. We are having fun with it. After the year we had it is a positive message about ukucela.

“ The song is just about asking ladies nicely for whatever you want. That’s how I would translate it; it’s about respecting a girl.”

Mkhize is now under new management and planned to release more music under the independent record label 4BR (4 Billion Records).

“I will be dropping a new project and a few singles. But for now I want to focus on this one track for the season. Towards the middle of the year I will be dropping a project that is solely dedicated to Pro.”

The Malambane beat-maker said while he was looking at the bright side of life, the family were still trying to cope with his brother’s passing.

“We’re okay. My mom went back to KwaZulu-Natal. She was not feeling too well but is much stronger now.

“My dad is holding the fort in Soweto and taking care of the family. It is up to me now, they are looking on me now and I have to work hard to make it work but I am up for the challenge.”

Cel’Ukuthi is available on digital platforms.


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