District Six residents demand City halt its local spatial development framework

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Cape Town – The second engagement the City held with residents and interested parties of District Six got off to a rocky start after residents demanded that the City halt its local spatial development framework (LSDF).

District Six Civic Association chairperson Asa Salie said: “We are not reaching the people of District Six, the development of the houses is going to take four to five years to complete.

“Why are we rushing this? It would be better to communicate these plans with the residents if the people are back. While we are participating in the guidelines of this framework, there are luxury apartments going up.”

Salie suggested the process be called off until the lockdown is over.

Resident Shahnaz Arnold said: “We are asking the City to show leadership and we need transparency. We are saying this is a process but the City must take note of the grievances and get everyone involved.”

Yesterday, the City presented its Social Charter at the second workshop about the LSDF for District Six. The Social Charter represents the guiding principles and the City’s commitment to working with residents and stakeholders in finalising a spatial vision. The City is responsible for the drafting of a local neighbourhood or LSDF for the area and the approval of land use and building plan submissions.

The City’s district spatial planning office manager, Nigel Titus, said: “I was clear that all claimants will have an opportunity to respond to the framework for District Six. At this stage we are not ready as the leadership to come back with the feedback as yet. But at this stage we are staying. We are saying we are doing the work and then presenting it to the residents.”

Mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment Marian Nieuwoudt said: “The purpose of the charter is to make clear the City’s intentions with the process, our guiding principles, and our commitment to the beneficiaries and other residents in realising one of the most important redress projects we will see in Cape Town.

“The City is working closely with residents. We want to include everybody, and I’m encouraging residents and all interest groups to please contribute to this process and to fully participate. There should be no doubt that the City is committed to following an engagement process that is extensive, inclusive, thorough, and transparent.”

Cape Argus

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