Disaronno partners with Trussardi on a limited-edition bottle

Disaronno,  an amaretto-tasting liqueur with a characteristic almond taste that adds a unique touch to create innovative, sophisticated and quality drinks returns with its cutting edge bold statement Limited Edition designer bottle: “Disaronno wears Trussardi”.

The classic Trussardi texture and greyhound logo meet the unmistakable shape of a Disaronno bottle, with brushstrokes of fuchsia, green and blue framing the famous label. 

Illva Saronno Holding Company Chief Executive Officer, Augusto Reina says for years the limited edition has marked an annual highlight with reference to their brand’s visibility. 

“Disaronno is appreciated across the globe as an emblem of Italian style. And this year we are proud to make a particularly classy, elegant statement with a graphic design that reflects in full our perfectly modern essence”, says Reina.

Trussardi Chief Executive Officer, Tomaso Trussardi says the Trussardi story is very much about innovation, discovery, the concept of fusion. He says in addition to strengthening the bond between two companies that epitomize the Italian spirit worldwide, designing the iconic Disaronno bottle underscores once again that Trussardi continues to be a 360° lifestyle brand. 

“The inspiration was drawn from street art, from the graffiti and murals found on the streets of Milan, expressing the city’s modern and contemporary side. The greyhound, the emblem of the Italian lifestyle company, appears in shades of fuchsia, green and blue, for a contemporary, pop-art look that epitomizes Trussardi style”, says Trussardi.

This concept was launched six years ago with Disaronno partnering with other fashion houses by the likes Missoni, Versace and Cavalli.  

You can get this limited-edition bottle at all Norman Good Fellows at R309 and at all Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers and Ultra Liquors store for R299. 

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