Demawusa Calls Off Metrobus Strike

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The Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (Demawusa) has called off its Metrobus strike and says buses should be back on the roads by later on Thursday afternoon.

Commuters have been left stranded without buses since Monday when workers presented management with 41 demands.

Salaries and acting positions that are not filled in time are at the heart of their grievances.

Deon Makhura, the regional chair of Demawsa, says most of their demands have been met.

“The certain issue we have agreed upon is that all drivers who were getting nearly R10,000, their salaries will be adjusted to R14,526. We found that in the organisation there we almost 46 [people] who were acting. The employee is going to remove those people, and everybody must appoint an HR department and confirm which union will deduct from their payslip.”


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