DA’s Fight Against NHI Bill ‘Far From Over’

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) said the National Health Insurance (NHI) ‘journey’ was far from over and the party would continue to fight.

The official opposition said it was still not convinced that the NHI Bill is constitutional.

This follows Thursday’s parliamentary briefing by the chief state law advisor where an assurance was given the draft law is constitutionally sound.

The DA’s Siviwe Gwarube said the party was not entirely convinced the NHI Bill would pass constitutional muster and would still seek further legal opinion.

“Legal opinions are exactly that, opinions. The only binding thing on pieces of legislation and the Constitution are the courts.”

The bill has outlined what role provinces will play under the NHI and how the national Department of Health will take control and “delegate” responsibilities to its provincial counterparts as “management agents”.

Gwarube said the party was concerned about the bill’s impact on provinces.

“Provinces are the ones closer to people on the ground and if those powers are taken away, the quality of health is bound to suffer.”


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