Dark, witty comedy ‘The Kings of the World’ takes centre stage at the Market

Actor and playwright William Harding makes his directorial debut at The Market Theatre with his warm and witty, dark comedy "The Kings of the World".

Harding proves to be a classic triple threat as he doesn’t just direct the show, he’s the playwright and plays lead character David, a postgraduate student who fakes his way through the job market.

After his recent trip to Paris to “find himself” following a painful break-up, David tries to pick up the pieces and hopes to find a decent job. With zero work experience, he puts up an advert online pretending to be a copywriter and he’s about to get hired at a frozen pea company.

One quiet night David’s old friend Harry, played by Kaz MacFadden, pays him an unexpected visit and David lets him in on his secret. Harry sees an opportunity to secure the bag and he comes up with all sorts of innovative ways to cash in on the fake job application.

However, complications around the job soon arise and are further compounded when David’s drunken roommate Jefferson (Chris Djuma) returns home. As paranoia and desperation take over the night starts taking a bit of a darker turn.

We caught up with Harding, who says the show is not about the plot itself, “it’s more about the way the story unfolds”.

Commenting on the show, Harding explains:“The people who come to see the play will understand the characters that are being represented have very high aspirations, but unfortunately don’t necessarily have the skills to pull them off. 

"They might see themselves as the ‘kings of the world’ but they’re probably very closer to the peasants of the world. It’s very ironic and quite tragic too.

Harding also touched on the challenges and highlights of directing his first play and working under the wing of one of Mzansi’s TV and theater guru Robert Whitehead, popularly known as Barker Haines in Isidingo.

KingsoftheWorldImage - Dark, witty comedy 'The Kings of the World' takes centre stage at the Market
William Harding and Robert Whitehead. Picture: Supplied

“Although it was a terrifying prospect, it became easier, thanks to the team working together. Also, Robert gave me the reins to bring my vision to life and I appreciate his invaluable advice.

“The thing that made the process seamless was the fact that we had a very strong team behind the scenes, and the great actor and director Robert Whitehead, who was the incubator, the mentor director and the stage manager, Mokokobale, who was very present," says Harding

"The Kings of the World" is showing at the Market Theatre until February 16. Tickets from Webtickets, R90- R150.

IMG 2951 - Dark, witty comedy 'The Kings of the World' takes centre stage at the Market
OwnYourThroneScreening2 52 1 - Dark, witty comedy 'The Kings of the World' takes centre stage at the Market
ISEEYOUHEAD - Dark, witty comedy 'The Kings of the World' takes centre stage at the Market

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