Corruption hits Mozambique’s economy, holds back investments

Rustenburg – Corruption is holding back investment and reduces the possibility of forming a cohesive and robust business class that could create jobs and promote socio-economic development in Mozambique.

Xinhua News Agency reported that Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario made the remarks on Monday, during a celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day in the central province of Zambezia, where he revealed that some 2 000 disciplinary proceedings have been brought against state officials and agents in the past two years.

"The government considers that the situation is worse than expected, as cases of corruption continue to be reported and with severe impacts on the national economy," said Rosario.

He added that corruption "destroys incentives for investment," which "leads to increased poverty, creates asymmetries and gnaws the image and prestige of the state, causing the loss of ethical standards of governance".

According to the prime minister, an effective fight against corruption was only possible with the involvement of the whole society practising the values of honesty and probity, respecting the law, and acting impartially in daily activities.

He said the government was also looking to the use of technology, including the digitization of utilities that can facilitate monitoring and enforcement, to reduce corruption.

African News Agency (ANA)

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