Coronavirus: Suncoast Casino remains open, bolsters hygiene control

Durban – In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Suncoast Casino said despite cancelling and postponing most of their events, they still remained open. 

The casino, which is one of Durban’s busiest entertainment facilities, released a statement this week stating that since the President’s announcement on Sunday they had bolstered hygiene control. 

"We are following the guidelines laid down by the President, which calls on malls, entertainment centres and places frequented by large numbers of people to bolster their hygiene control. It is vital for the health of the economy that businesses remain open during the crisis and we will continue providing safe and hygienic spaces for our guests to be entertained," said Suncoast communications manager Kelly Graham 

Graham said additional measures have been implemented at Suncoast to inform staff and visitors about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and provide them with tools to reduce the risk of infection.

These include:
 Medical-grade sanitizers are available at entrance checkpoints and other stations around the complex
 All cleaning, front-line staff and tenants have received information on the daily
measures to be taken
 Outsourced cleaning companies are being employed on increased shifts
 Increased frequency of cleaning with medical-grade sanitizers of all surfaces on the
casino floor, in bathrooms and other areas
 All staff arriving on duty undertake a sanitizing protocol which continues throughout
their shifts
 Educational messages for both staff and guests conveying the steps to take to
protect against infection are displayed

She added that with immediate effect all events and various conferences have been cancelled. 

"Gaming promotion draws that would attract large crowds have been postponed or adjusted in accordance with the President’s guidelines."

The Globe at Suncoast as well Barnyard Theatre have been closed. 

"The majority of these events are simply on hold pending the lifting on the ban on large gatherings of people. All our entertainment facilities are fully operational, with heightened hygiene measures in place."

The Cinecentre has a reduced number of shows and only 100 movie-goers will be allowed into each movie-theatre. 

Adding that restaurants were also open and only accommodating 100 people at a time and they will not be serving alcohol at this time. 

"It is vital for the economy that people continue to support the livelihoods of restaurant owners and their staff, while restaurants take every possible measure to prevent the spread of the virus. All restaurants have medical-grade hand sanitizers available. 

"As the situation is constantly evolving, we are monitoring announcements by the National Department of Health and will adjust plans in line with their guidelines and best practice to ensure the safety of our guests," concluded Graham. 

Sibaya Casino said enhanced cleaning of high touchpoint areas, for example door handles, escalator handrails, slot machines, elevator buttons and card machines, as examples.

"We are constantly reviewing and stepping up hygiene and safety in all food preparation and handling area."


SUNCOAST - Coronavirus: Suncoast Casino remains open, bolsters hygiene control
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JanseandCo - Coronavirus: Suncoast Casino remains open, bolsters hygiene control

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