Cops hunt alleged gangster after man was sodomised in public park

Cape Town – Manenberg police are hunting a gun-toting gangster who raped a man in a public park just over a week ago.

The family of the 22-year-old victim says he has been left traumatised after he was forced to drop his pants and the gangster sodomised him in the park which is a known drug dealing spot for the Fancy Boys.

According to a police source, the suspect known as Biggy, is a member of the Fancy Boys in Manenberg.

The scared victim says it took him a week to spill the beans.

“It was on 1 September, I was walking home when he approached me,” said the man.

“I went out the Saturday night and we were partying with some girls and he wanted to rob us. When I walked home at about 3am he got me in the park and started to skut me uit (check what I had on me).”

The victim said the gangster was carrying a “big gun” and after finding no valuables on him, he forced him into a corner.

“He told me to go to the corner and made me pull my pants down and then he did it,” the teary eyed victim said.

The man went home in pain and said he kept quiet as he was embarrassed about the ordeal.

His 43-year-old uncle said he noticed a change in his nephew’s behaviour.

“I look after him because his mother died and I knew something was wrong. When he told me I took him to the police station.”

Police spokesperson, Constable Sandiswa Belinda Saula, said no arrests have been made yet.

Anyone with information is asked to call 082 559 4621.

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