Comedian Mojak Lehoko’s funny stance on love

Durban will become a hub of laughter this Valentine’s Day, as some of the country’s top comedians line up at the Kings & Queens of Comedy: Valentine’s Edition. 

Joining the likes of Darren Maule, Tumi Morake and Thenjiwe Moseley is Mojak Lehoko. The comedian started his career in 2009, and his shows have featured at the Ghramstown Arts Festival. 

Since Mojak will be spending Valentine’s night entertaining the masses with his witty one liners, we caught up with him to talk about something a little more serious…love.  

What does love mean to you?

Love is spending time with those dearest to you and spending hours being unable to decide what to eat. 

What’s the one thing you do that gets on your partners nerves?

She’s right about stuff. She also hates that I’m always right about stuff. 

Are you a romantic? 

I am incredibly romantic. I once, only once, made bed in breakfast. It was oats but whose keeping score? 

How can one get their partner to love them more?

Be kind. 

Be respecting. 

Keep using that love potion gran told you about.  

What can the audience expect from your set at the Kings & Queens of Comedy: Valentines Day Edition?

A night of great laughs and a hint of romance. Just a hint.  

Have you been through a bad breakup, that you look back an laugh at now?

I am unfortunately still traumatized being not being given a P.S chocolate back in grade. I’m not crying. You’re crying. 

Some advice for couples in 2020?

Less PDA in public please. No one wants to see that.

*The comedy heavyweights have shined their comical armour and sharpened their witty swords and are ready to take hilarity to the next level.  Kings & Queens of Comedy: Valentine’s Edition take place on February 14 at the Durban ICC. Tickets from R180 are available from Computicket.  The show carries a PG-16 age restriction.

iolMojok - Comedian Mojak Lehoko's funny stance on love
iol - Comedian Mojak Lehoko's funny stance on love

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