‘Closet killer’ Ziyaad Haywood allegedly killed Sniper security guard

Cape Town – A security company has fingered murder suspect Ziyaad Haywood as the man who robbed and shot one of their guards more than a year ago, but says the case has gone cold due to shoddy police work.

Management of Sniper Security Solutions in Rondebosch East say while Haywood will soon stand trial for 21 charges, including murder, armed robbery and kidnapping, the case of their guard has gone quiet.

Siyabulela Sipunzi, 44, was killed on 18 March 2017 while sitting in his patrol car.

The guard from Khayelitsha was approached by a gunman who took his gun and shot him.

The father of two had been parking at his regular spot, carrying out surveillance and awaiting calls when he was attacked and had begged for his life, but the killer fired another shot in full view of a witness before fleeing the scene.

The company says an identikit was provided, matching the description of Haywood, and all the information was handed to detectives at Lansdowne SAPS.

According to the High Court indictment served on Haywood last week, he has been charged with the murder of three men and the attempted murder of a woman, but not Sipunzi.

“What happened to our guard fits the description of Haywood and his modus operandi, but the detectives have never provided feedback,” a spokesman says.

“We have provided the serial numbers for the firearm taken from our guard and would like to know if it was ever retrieved during the search at Haywood’s home.”

Western Cape police did not respond to questions on this case.

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