City obtains interdict against Cape Town Minstrel group

Cape Town – The City of Cape Town has on Friday obtained an interdict against the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival Association (CTMCA) and its member troupes in the Western Cape High Court.
"The interdict prevents CTMCA from holding any event and/or function at any stadium or venue, whether City-owned or not, without first obtaining prior written regulatory approval to do so," the City said in a statement.

The City said it was forced to obtain the interdict in a response to the group’s "continued disregard for national legislation and City by-laws".

This comes after the association forced its way into the Belhar sports ground to hold an event that was deemed as illegal. The City then laid criminal charges against Pot Stemmet and the board of the CTMCA.

"The association seems to pride itself on the fact that it is blatantly disregarding both the Safety at Sports and Recreation Events Act, as well as the City’s regulations for events."

"By doing so, it is not only tarnishing the reputation and integrity of the Minstrel fraternity and those associations who conduct themselves in accordance with the law, but it is also putting at risk the lives of the troupes involved in these illegal gatherings as well as the spectators."


108063075 - City obtains interdict against Cape Town Minstrel group

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