Cindy Mahlangu makes her debut on e.tv’s ‘Scandal!’

Two new faces will enter etv’s daily soapie, “Scandal!”.

Actress Cindy Mahlangu who is well known for her roles on Mzanis Magic’s “The Queen“ and Netflix’s “Blood & Water” and film enthusiast Sandile Mahlangu will take up their space in the show starting August 5

Cindy will take on the character of Violetta Mamba. Born and bred in the hills of Mpumalanga and raised by a dressmaker, Violetta has a sense of style.

Being fashionable is part of who she is. A slay queen of her times, Violetta has always had a knack for rich men. She eventually met Mr. Mamba, a respected businessman and they now live in their beautiful Mansion in Soweto.

Sandile plays Simo, a young, handsome and charming accountant who knows his ways to a woman’s heart and has broken a few along the way.

He’s opportunistic, ambitious, a tad arrogant, and lacks a moral compass.

His drive to be his own boss may have led him the wrong path, which now brings to the Newtonian, and he targets a member in the Medupe household.

Cindy said she was caught off guard when she was chosen for this character.

“I was caught off guard, especially considering that I’ve been watching “Scandal!” for years. Having a chance to follow in the footsteps of so many prominent South African actors who have graced our screens on “Scandal!” is a wow moment.

So, I’m extremely grateful, excited and I really can’t wait for the viewers to meet Violetta,” she said.

Sandile said being a part of “Scandal!” feels absolutely amazing and came at a time when he was ready to lose hope.

“I say that teary-eyed because right after the previous show that I was on ended, the nationwide lockdown began, the whole pandemic became a reality, and uncertainty flooded the industry. I was out of a job and that’s how I remained since the beginning of February,” said Sandile.

He said “Scandal!” came right in the knick of time.

“The role came right before all hope was lost, proving to me that God is never late when delivering blessings. I am blessed,” he said.

The storyline sees Violetta in love with Simo, who is not her husband. Simo is Romeo’s half-brother and her husband, Sandile’s accountant.

The lovers creep into the world of unsuspecting individuals by relentlessly plotting and scheming.

They will also undertake a fictitious sibling bond that can unsettle even the most grounded ancestors. In a twist, Simo will eventually worm his way into the Medupe household.

As the two new characters slowly enter the scene, bigger questions about their true intentions come to the fore. How are they connected?

Who are they after and what exactly brings Violetta and Simo to the Newtonian?

Cindy and Sandile will make their debut on “Scandal!” on Wednesday, August 5 at 7:30pm on e.tv.

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