Churches Fight Over Resurrection

Alph Lukau - Churches Fight Over Resurrection

A video of pastor Alph Lukau, which showed him supposedly resurrecting a man,
known as Elliot Brighton from Zimbabwe went viral this week.
It evoked feelings of anger, laughter and indignation, depending on how people
looked at it.
The incident also sparked a church war between Incredible Happenings Ministry
Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng and Lukau. It also gave rise to many hilarious
videos, titled by South Africans, ‘Resurrection Challenge.’ People took videos of
themselves emerging, from sofas, baths, dustbins, unsteady on their feet and with mouths wide open, in mimic of the man who rose from the coffin in that never-to be-
forgotten Lukau’s video.
Motsoeneng says Pastor Lukau of the Alleluia Ministries International has brought
Christianity into disrepute after he was filmed purportedly bringing a man back to life.

Motsoeneng shouted to the republic that he would go and confront Lukau at his
church in Sandton, but Lukau locked him out of the church premises. Motsoeneng
labelled Lukau as a blasphemer and laid criminal complaints against him. It’s unclear
what charges Lukau would be facing but Motsoeneng said fraud would be an
appropriate charge for the fake resurrection.

But this outpouring of righteousness from Motsoeneng has struck Mzansi citizens as
odd, since Motsoeneng once claimed to have gone to heaven and killed Satan. He
was the butt of the joke at that time when he asked followers to pay money to see
the pictures of him in heaven. Really now?
Pastor Anthony Silinda, who claims to be one of the co-founders of the Alleluia
Ministries Midrand branch, says when he realised Lukau was a fraud, he was forced
to leave the church.

Silinda said the church has occult practices. “I mean, I’m sure you guys have seen
when he married 5,000 girls without their parents’ consent. I mean, where do you do
that in Africa? Can he do that in his own country?”
And Elliot, the dead man rising, has created a branch of another story altogether. His
boss in Pretoria has been talking to media and all sundry how Elliot bunked work and
never reported he was going to his own funeral. These are truly incredible

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