‘Cheaters SA’ #Uyajola99 has finally landed and it was well worth wait

The South African version of “Cheaters" #Uyajola9  topped the trend list hours before its official premiere on Moja Love, Dstv channel 157 on Sunday night.

Much like the American TV show, "Cheaters," the show helps people who suspect that their partners are cheating and gather information, the show gather incriminating evidence on camera. 

After viewing the evidence, the suspecting party confronts the unfaithful partner and then all hell breaks loose. The show kicked off with two episodes back to back and from the first episode, there was drama that involved sisters who were sleeping with the same man. 

The wife contacted the show to help her confirm if the hubby was cheating, and discovered that the hubby was actually cheating with her younger sister. During the confrontation, the unsuspecting parties were found all loved up and the younger sister fled the scene and the hubby, who cried like a baby, apologised. 

It was later revealed that the wife was pregnant, to which both the husband and the younger sister claimed they were unaware of.

The family it turns out, lived with the boyfriend of the younger sister, who then after being called to the scene of action, told the family that they are no longer welcome. There were flying chairs, fists thrown and hysterical people which had the community of Yeoville staring in a mixture of shock and amusement while everything unfolded. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the viewers were reeled into another shocking episode where the husband suspected that the wife was selling more than atchaar but he got more than he bargained for. When confronted the wife of 15 years dropped a bombshell. 

She revealed that the man she was found cheating with is actually the father of one of her children. The son who is a carbon copy of the neighbour was also in shock and was also caught in the row. The husband has since demanded a paternity test to determine who the father of the remaining four children is, and a divorce. 

Mzansi was never ready for this show. Viewers are literally gobsmacked. See some of their reactions: 


Uyajola - 'Cheaters SA' #Uyajola99 has finally landed and it was well worth wait
104480214 - 'Cheaters SA' #Uyajola99 has finally landed and it was well worth wait
104480214 - 'Cheaters SA' #Uyajola99 has finally landed and it was well worth wait

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