Charlize Theron calls Runner Studios ’incredible’ for ’The Old Guard’ remake

“The Old Guard” star Charlize Theron gave her stamp of approval to a troop of adolescent aspiring Nigerian film-makers.

Runner Studios, like the Ikorodu Bois, is a troop of aspiring short-film makers who recreate scenes from popular movies.

They have recreated scenes from “Bad Boys For Life“, “Merry Men 2“ and now the opening fight scene from “The Old Guard“.

In the scene, Andy (Theron) along with her fellow immortals regenerate after being “killed“ and take out their enemies in an epic fight sequence.

Sharing their remake on Twitter last week, Runner Studios thanked Netflix for the film and asked tweeps to tag Theron in the mentions to see their video.

“Thank you @netflix for giving us @oldguardmovie. We love this Movie so we decided to reenact one of the fight scenes in the Movie with just a Smartphone Selfie. Help Tag @netflix @CharlizeAfrica @NetflixNaija so they can view it. Thanks.“

And their plan worked as Theron quote tweeted their post, calling their remake “incredible“ and specifically commending the axe work by one of the actors. She said: ”This is INCREDIBLE. These kids got some major skills!!! And that axe work?!”

The Ikorodu Bois received a shout out from the Russo Brothers, who are screenwriters for the film, for their remake of the trailer of “Extraction“. They also received an invite from the “Avengers: Endgame“ directing duo to the premiere of the well-received movie’s sequel.

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