Celebrating a decade of Jazz on the Rocks

Cape Town – Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Jazz on the Rocks promises to be a party of note with its extensive line-up of local and international performers.

The concert takes place in Tittiesbaai in the Columbine Nature Reserve on the West Coast later this week.

Included in the line-up are international musicians such as US saxophonist Elan Trotman, while local acts include The Rockets and Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels. Also in the line-up is saxophonist Don Vino, who has made an appearance at the festival every year since its inception.

“It has evolved only in positive ways,” he said. “Since the very first one, it had a really small crowd, it was still just a party. They’ve evolved in terms of crowds and musicians.

“People can expect a good time from each and every band that performs on that stage, from jazz to pop to R&B to reggae. They made a good choice by not boxing the thing in with one genre of music.”

Vino will be performing as part of a trio of saxophonists in a performance called Sax on the Rocks, with Liverpool saxophonist Andrew Young and emerging Cape Town saxophonist August West.

“People can expect some beautiful balance,” said Vino. “I mean, we’re all saxophone players. We’ll play beautiful ballads, love songs and stuff like that. And at the end of the set, we’ll just go all out and have a party on the stage.”

There will be an open-mic contest, with the winner being given the chance to return to the following year’s festival.

“It’s a space where thousands of people come together, they share this space,” said festival organiser Lovetta Bolters. “People’s attitude to each other, their approach is just amazing to witness and it’s driven by the music and the surrounding beauty.

“In the beginning, there wasn’t a cellphone signal, so it forced people to interact a little more than usual.”

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Don Vino will perform with Andrew Young and August West in ‘Sax on the Rocks’. Supplied

Bolters said the festival attracted up to 20 000 attendees over the course of the weekend.

“The impact on the environment must be contained,” Bolters said. “We offer nature walks in which we identify fynbos, so that young people can get to understand the nature of that particular environment. At the same time we’re enjoying the festival, we must be attentive and aware. Before we depart on Wednesday morning, we conduct environmental checks, and we do the same once we pack up and leave.”

Jazz on the Rocks will take place from February 27 to March 1.

Weekend passes can be purchased at the Paternoster Community Hall from February 27-29 or at 0215915208.

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