Candice Modiselle defends ‘Idols SA’ after trolls call for a petition to cancel it

Actress and television presenter Candice Modiselle has come out guns blazing in defence of popular talent show, “Idols SA”.

Season 16 of “Idols SA” premiered this past Sunday to mix reactions from viewers across Mzansi.

Although many diehard fans were happy that one of their favourite shows is back, there were just as many people who expressed their hate for the show.

Social media platforms were abuzz with opinions.

Some asked how the Covid-19 pandemic was able to stop just about everything in life but now the airing of “Idols SA”.

Others asked why Mzansi Magic was forcing a new season of the show onto viewers and suggested the show take a break. Others went as far as to suggest a petition be started to cancel the show.

The former “Generations: The Legacy” star Candice found umbrage in such a suggestion and decided to get involved in the debate.

Responding to a user who suggested the petition, Candice said, “Sis, let me educate you… Yeah sure, you don’t like the show, but you’re also asking to “ban” the cast & crew that eat off of this production.

“Don’t forget that for many, it’s employment, not just some frivolous piece of entertainment you no longer enjoy. Just don’t watch.”

She went on to further say that art was subjective and that South Africans audiences needed to understand that.

“Art is subjective & SA audiences need to understand that. If everyone had to join forces to cancel shows they don’t like there would be nothing to watch. This false sense of entitlement social media has given some people is weird”.

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