Call to provide water to parched Hammanskraal

Pretoria – Civil rights group Not In My Name has called on South Africans from all walks of life to lend a helping hand to residents of Hammanskraal following weeks without water in the area.

The group has joined hands with other organisations and radio host Aubrey Masango, with the hope to supply 50 000 litres of water per day to the area.

Group secretary-general Themba Masango yesterday said they would be prioritising Temba as Jubilee District Hospital had been affected by the water shortages since October 25.

The facility was forced to close down its surgery department due to hygiene concerns.

He said they planned to have water delivered from next week.

“We are calling on all South Africans to bring water and make sure that our people have water. We have also partnered with various churches which we will use as the water points. We have also been granted permission to bring water to a local police station where people will also fetch the water.

“It has been three weeks now without quality water. We are engaging churches and the chiefs of the area, and shall be using them as distribution centres. We will not be using schools until after exams,” Masango told Pretoria News.

“It is not something we plan on doing forever. because it is the government’s responsibility to render services to the people.

“We are just trying to help where we can,” he added.

Water was restored to the area yesterday, but it was not ready for human consumption.

MMC for utility services Abel Tau said: “The water has been restored. We opened the valves on Tuesday and most people had water by midday on Wednesday.

“By the end of yesterday, everyone had water."

To be part of the initiative, Masango said he can be contacted on 0824907523.

Pretoria News

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