Busiswa’s impressive weight loss reveal

Singer and songwriter Busiswa Gqulu, shocked her fans with her weight loss reveal.

She took to Instagram to wish the EFF a happy birthday and inadvertently showed off her new, slimmer frame.

While most people are battling to keep the added weight away with lockdown and winter combined, Busiswa has somehow managed to lose weight without announcing that she is on a mission to lose weight.

Whatever the “vosho queen” is doing is clearly working because the results are clear for all to see.

Following the picture, the house musician showed off her curves at all angles when she danced to Babes Wodumo’s new song, “Idandokazi”, in a black bodysuit and studded boots.

The comments section was filled with praises for her new body. Actress, Rami Chuene said, “you’re looking too hot.”

While another fan Fasting_beauty commented: “We are observers, you just flipped the whole script on us! Hah!!! BAWWWDDDDYYYY”

Last year when she featured on the Ackerman’s campaign promoting self-love, she received backlash over her weight.

Over the past few months, the star has been sharing images that clearly show that she has been investing in her health and she is enjoying the fruits of her labour.

We are five weeks from spring, if you are looking for motivation to shed kilos, then Busiswe can be enough motivation to get you started on your own journey.

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