Bride does the unthinkable after mother-in-law interrupts her vows

It’s probably every bride’s worst nightmare – having someone interrupt your vows which you’ve painstakingly prepared in the hope that your partner appreciates the effort that you’ve put in.

For this bride, it was so much worse. While reciting her personalised vows to her groom, his mother heckled her, saying that her son has “no flaws.”

The video recently surfaced a few days after Sarah Ragsdale posted the wedding ceremony of her sister Anna’s nuptials to husband John Larrabee on TikTok.

Although the California wedding happened a few years ago, Ragsdale insisted that her sister’s mother-in-law had always hated her.

Captioning the video: “My sisters wedding a few years ago. Her MIL has always hated her. She’s just ones of those MIL’s that feels my sister is taking her son away,” it looks like something from an episode of Jerry Springer.

In the video, Anna can be seen saying her vows but seconds after completing them, her mother-in-law heckles her and shouts at the couple on the alter, saying: “You’re not going to say my son has flaws!”

Taken aback, the bride does the unthinkable and responds by telling her to leave the wedding.

Not one to let things be, the groom’s mom shouts back: “No, that dress you’re wearing we paid for.”

“Everybody has flaws and that’s why I love him. You can leave, Judy. You can get out of my wedding now,” the bride bites back.

Suffice to say, things didn’t end well for one unlucky wedding guest who insisted that the mother leave – she threatened to call the cops on them.

The video, which has since been deleted, drew lots of responses and immediately went viral.

Apparently, many were asking what was the groom doing during the whole heated exchange. “The groom, who is stuck in the middle of the showdown, turns away from his mother staring at the ground,” YC News reported.

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