Brian Temba halts acting to focus on his ‘first love’

“All things work together for my good.” This is how singer, actor and music producer Brian Temba sums up his 20-year career. Now the artist, Brian Temba Makiwane, is moving to the next level with the release of his spin-off album called UnABC Deluxe – taken from his 2017 album UnABC.

The project is a reintroduction of himself as a music artist after five years of focusing on his TV career and giving the album a chance to shine.

“Due to my TV career, I felt like the album didn’t get enough marketing and promotion, and I, therefore, decided to rework that very same album and bring it back to the public to be appreciated,” says Temba, unpacking the album that also features three new house tracks, musical elements that speak to who he is.

The album features various collaborations with other artists including local music group The Muffinz.

“I believe you should not be boxed into one genre. This album is a perfect example of putting everything that I love into one collection. And that is the beauty about being an independent artist, where you are not being dictated to by the industry, but get to work with whomever you wish to and create music for yourself first before taking it to the public.

“When I look at years gone by, that has been the beauty of being an independent artist. Getting to grow and establishing yourself as a creative, because you are not bound to anything. I appreciate that,” he said.

Over the years, Temba has produced music and played roles on various productions, including being the first South African to play the role of Simba in the award-winning musical The Lion King. 

He also starred in the Market Theatre’s Lion and the Lamb, a play directed by Dr John Kani and also played Ranthomeng on SABC 2’s popular soap opera Muvhango.

To celebrate this milestone, Temba plans to host tours around Mzansi and neighbouring countries.

“With or without the money, it will happen. All I know is that it is important for me to perform music, to do what I love and take the music to the people.”

Although he has momentarily halted his acting career to focus on his first love, Temba is still active behind the scenes in the film.

He is directing music on former Scandal actor Kagiso Modupe’s upcoming film ‘The Day I Lost My Dad’.

“I remember writing this dream years back and it is coming to fruition now. When you look at all my experience on screen, I had to go through all that I went through and do all that I did to get here.”

Temba released a single called Angeke last Friday and the full album will be out by the end of February. “And since it is the month of love, why not give the people what they want?”



BrainTemba - Brian Temba halts acting to focus on his 'first love'
1549841039680 - Brian Temba halts acting to focus on his 'first love'
BoityThulo219 - Brian Temba halts acting to focus on his 'first love'

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