Bosasa obtained confidential Hawks, NPA documents – Agrizzi

Johannesburg – Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi has detailed how confidential documents belonging to the NPA and the Hawks landed in the hands of Bosasa officials. 

Agrizzi told the Zondo commission on Thursday how NPA bosses, Nomgcobo Jiba and Lawrence Mrwebi, kept Bosasa informed regarding the progress of a corruption investigation into Bosasa. 

The NPA had been handed the investigation report compiled by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) in 2009 and were investigating the possibilities of charges. Agrizzi handed over a series of confidential NPA documents to the commission. 

He was questioned about the documents which he said he had obtained from Bosasa before his departure. These NPA documents referenced the investigation into tender contracts received by Bosasa. Some of the documents were marked "draft charge sheet on Bosasa", "Progress on Bosasa investigation". These documents were compiled by prosecutors from the NPA.

The former commissioner of correctional service Linda Mti would obtain the information from Jiba and Jackie Lephinka, who was Jiba’s assistant, said Agrizzi. The two would receive cash bribes in exchange for the information. 

"Mti liaised with the NPA to get information from them and provide us with information related to the matter. The information we received would be verbal, written and copies of secret documentation, minutes of meetings and various other information sources. The information was given to Gavin Watson and then to myself and sometimes I would be there with Gavin Watson," said Agrizzi. 

The former COO said there were many more documents Bosasa received from NPA but said he was only able to get hold of a few before he abruptly left Bosasa. 

Agrizzi said he and Watson were provided with a secret memorandum from the Hawks which related to the investigation into Bosasa. The document listed  11 names of witnesses who police had spoken to and those they were yet to speak. Agrizzi also confirmed that they were able to obtain a list of 39 people that had provided statements to the police regarding the corruption investigation. 

Earlier, Agrizzi had told the inquiry that in 2009/2010 it was decided along with Mti, that Jiba, whose code names was "snake" would be paid R100 000, Mrwebi, who was called "snail", would be paid R10 000 and Lephinka "J" would be paid R20 000. 

These payments were allegedly made to in order to obtain confidential NPA documents. 


gr st state capture759 - Bosasa obtained confidential Hawks, NPA documents - Agrizzi
GR Angelo Agrzzi65 - Bosasa obtained confidential Hawks, NPA documents - Agrizzi
901319630 - Bosasa obtained confidential Hawks, NPA documents - Agrizzi
State Capture I1612 - Bosasa obtained confidential Hawks, NPA documents - Agrizzi

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