Body of murder witness found at morgue after disappearance

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Cape Town – A young father, who had been a witness in his friend’s murder, has been found dead.

Yassiem Opperman was shot twice in the face.

His family says they had been looking for him for more than three weeks after he disappeared without a trace.

The 28-year-old’s body was found at the Tygerberg Mortuary, where he had been since the day of his disappearance.

The family says Yassiem had witnessed the murder of his friend shortly before he disappeared.

The victim’s sister, Kashiefa Opperman, 26, says Yassiem was last seen alive on 22 August and they don’t know if his death is connected to that of his friend.

“He died on the day his friend was buried,” she says. “He had no intention of attending the janaazah.

“My brother didn’t share any details of his friend’s murder with us, he was not sleeping at home and only came home every other day.”

When the Daily Voice team arrived at the Opperman’s home in Delft South yesterday, the family was busy with Yassiem’s funeral.

Kashiefa says they searched high and low for her brother.

“He was home with my mother when he left that day and never came back. I left for three days and when I came back, my mom said he was missing.

“I told her we should at least wait until he is gone for a week, then we can report it to the police.”

She says they went to cops a week later and opened a missing person’s report and started searching for Yassiem.

“We went to look at Goodwood Prison, because he has been arrested before for petty crimes. We went to hospitals and we didn’t find him.”

Kashiefa says they never considered that he could be dead.

“I just thought maybe he is in some jail cell or in hospital,” she cries.

“This past Saturday we went to Tygerberg Hospital to look for him and we were told to go back on Monday.

“When we got there, we told them we were looking for Yassiem, and when we showed them his picture, they said his body is there.”

She says an official told them Yassiem had been there since 22 August.

“He was still wearing the same clothes he wore when he went missing,” adds Kashiefa.

“I don’t understand why the police didn’t act quickly when we reported him missing.”

The family heard Yassiem was killed in Kleinvlei.

“He had no business being in that area, he doesn’t know anyone there,” says Kashiefa.

“My brother was not a gangster, so I can’t say he was killed in a gang war.

“He was a devoted father to his five-year-old daughter.

Police spokeswoman Noloyiso Rwexana says the case is still under investigation and no one has been arrested.

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7cf9a530 fc43 560d 89b4 f58207065f77 - Body of murder witness found at morgue after disappearance

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