BLF considers amending constitution to allow white members

Durban – Black First Land First may consider amending its constitution in order to accommodate white people as members, as long as white people agree with its pro-black and extreme leftist policies, said it’s deputy president Zanele Lwana. 

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) deregistered the BLF as a political organisation following complaints by AfriForum that it did not allow white members to participate in its structures. The deregistration was confirmed by the ruling of the Equality Court. 

The party is on Saturday holding a policy conference in Durban in reaction to the ban, which according to Lwana, they may resort to amending a clause that deals with race. 

“If you meet the requirements of what it means to call yourself a BLF member based on what we stand for. As long as you accept that black people were dispossessed of their land, you accept that a minority in the country still owns the land and means of production at the expense of black people.

“We are ready to discuss as a movement, and making the necessary amendment in our constitution to still compel South African public to join BLF on the basis that they support what we stand for,” said Lwana. 

She said the BLF would not compromise its own mandate while it would try to meet the IEC requirements. 

“The second option is that now that we are banned, what is to be done on the question of armed struggle, and what is to be done about the life of the movement? 

“The third option, do we say okay we are being shut out, we are being deprived of our own democratic right in South Africa as they do not want us to exist, do we become an underground movement?” she said. 

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BLF Press Conference 1478 - BLF considers amending constitution to allow white members

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