Baked avocado fries? No. Just no

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When it comes to diet and all things healthy, US-Turkish TV personality Dr Oz is the authority.

But we don’t know how to feel about the latest foodie trend that he’s promoting – baked avocado fries.

Taking to Twitter, the cardiothoracic surgeon posted a video showing his followers how to make the snack.

Trying to entice health-conscious fans to give it a try, he said: “Love avocados AND fries? Make these avocado fries – they’ll be gone in seconds!”

Here at IOL Lifestyle, we’re big lovers of avo, and we like our fries. But never did we think we’d ever see avo and fries in the same sentence.

Using panko bread crumbs and sliced up avo, the recipe requires the combination to be baked until crispy.

We don’t know about you, but the thought of avo baked in the oven rubs our taste buds up the wrong way.

Even the thought of avo on pizza before it goes into the oven is a huge no-no for us.

And we’re not the only ones thinking this. Many of the comments on the video ranged from vile to disgusting.

One Twitter user commented: “I tried these in a restaurant last year and they were so bland no taste to them!”

Another said: “We are really nearing the end, that’s the only logical explanation.”

The best responses were the memes it resulted in.

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95f6e41d 7489 56fd 9c80 e33e63ac9e23 - Baked avocado fries? No. Just no

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