ANC Won’t Get Majority In Gauteng, Says DA

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Democratic Alliance (DA) said it doesn’t believe the African National Congress (ANC) would manage to get a majority in Gauteng, while the ANC said it had nothing to worry about.

Speaking to Eyewitness News at the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) results centre in Gauteng, the DA’s Ashor Sarupen said the party was encouraged that it had increased its support in some townships on the East Rand.

“It looks like the DA has made significant further inroads into black support, cases like KwaThema where we’ve doubled our votes from the previous elections. It’s looking pretty good.”

The ANC’s Ezra Letsoalo said while it was too early to predict the results, the party believed it had done enough work on the ground.

“We’ve been reading through some of the counted votes as they come in. The picture that we’re getting is a positive one.”

The ANC has been steady at the 50% mark, the DA at 27.8% and the Economic Freedom Fighters has broken through the 14% mark.

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