ANC Promises To Rebuild Economy & Eradicate Corruption

anc 5 - ANC Promises To Rebuild Economy & Eradicate Corruption

PRETORIA – The African National Congress (ANC) has declared victory in the 2019 election victory and acknowledged that the electorate have yet to be convinced of its determination to rebuild the economy and eradicate corruption.

Deputy secretary general Jesse Duarte told a press conference outside the Independent Electoral Commission’s nerve centre in Pretoria that the party would act on this mandate.

It’s yet to be officially proclaimed but with all the votes collected at the IEC results centre, the ANC is victorious albeit with a reduced majority.

Preliminary results show that the ANC has been handed another five-year term in power.

The party won 57.51% of the vote, which was more than double their nearest rivals, the Democratic Alliance (DA) who garnered 20.76% of the vote.

The ANC’s victory though came at a price, as the party saw a drop in support from the 2014 elections where it won with 62.15%, the third consecutive elections that the party has seen a decline in support.

The DA also saw a decline in support in 2019, reversing the steady growth that it had seen since 2004.

The country’s third largest party was the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with 10.79%, a jump from the 6.35% it received in the 2014 elections.

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) were the fourth and fifth biggest parties with 3.38% and 2.38% respectively.

Duarte said voters’ wishes were unambiguous.

“We commit to a sustained programme of renewal and to be decisive to root out lawlessness, greed, corruption and selfishness. There’s no doubt that these results show that the people appreciate our efforts so far to reconnect with them and to renew ourselves with their views.”

Duarte says the ANC saluted the people of South African for holding a fair, free and peaceful election and thanked the stakeholders who made it possible.

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